AAG 17: Invitation to the relaunch of Environment & Planning C: Politics + Space

79436_epcEnvironment & Planning C: Politics + Space: A new forum for spatial and political thought in challenging times
Journal re-launch event, panel discussion, and reception

Thursday, 4/6/2017, from 7:10 PM in Room 310, Hynes Convention Center, Third Level

As part of the 30th anniversary of the Environment & Planning suite of journals, Environment & Planning C is being radically re-conceptualized and re-named Politics + Space. Environment & Planning C: Politics + Space is an international geographical journal of critical, heterodox and interdisciplinary research into the relations between the political and the spatial. The editorial team aims to solicit and publish manuscripts that reimagine the political and spatial, with special attention to voices, issues, and geographical areas that have been under-represented over the years.

This session will be a launch event with leading scholars, journal editors, editorial board members, and publisher. Discussion will address the following animating questions: What is the political in political geography? What are the issues to which a new journal dedicated to politics and space should attend? What work should geographers be engaging in, politically?

The event will take place on Thursday evening after regular sessions end, and after Noam Chomsky speaks. Please join us for a broad discussion of these questions with all in attendance, with brief opening remarks by panelists, followed by a reception.

The following colleagues have committed to participate:  The new editors, Patricia Daley (Oxford), Eugene McCann (Simon Fraser), Alison Mountz (Wilfrid Laurier), and Joe Painter (Durham), and also Ishan Ashutosh (Indiana), Mat Coleman (Ohio State), Anna Secor (Kentucky), Patricia Noxolo (Birmingham), and Cristina Temenos (Manchester).

Please circulate this invitation to others and please join us!

The Politics + Space team


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