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Urban Geography: A Critical Introduction (1405189797) cover image

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Cities and Social Change


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Articles & book chapters on policy mobilities

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Selected other articles & book chapters

Rogers, D., Herbert, M., Whitzman, C., McCann, E., Maginn, P. & 18 others. (Online Early View, 2020). The city under Covid-19: Podcasting as digital methodology. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, DOI:10.1111/tesg.12426.

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Recent reports, commentaries, editorials, encyclopedia entries, etc.

McCann E. (2020). Spaces of publicness & the world after the Coronavirus crisisSociety & Space Magazine.

McCann E, Landau F, & Mahieus, L. (2020). COVID-19 murals express hope & help envision urban futures. The Conversation.

McCann E. (2020). City Marketing. In Kitchin R, Thrift N (eds) International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, 2nd edition. Elsevier.

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Daley, P., McCann, E., Mountz, A., & Painter, J. (2017).  Re-imagining Politics & Space: Why here, why now? EPC: Politics & Space, 35 (1), 3-5.


Contributor to two versions of a podcast on the sonic landscapes of cities during the Covid-19 pandemic (2020).  One version is available through The Conversation’s “Trust me, I’m an Expert” podcast and an extended version is in an episode of City Road podcast.  (Related academic paper on the process of creating the podcast in Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, 2020, DOI:10.1111/tesg.12426.)

Food as Harm Reduction community-based research project featured in: Farah, T. (2019) Nutrition Is an Overlooked Aspect of Harm ReductionFilter Magazine. July 18th.

Quoted in Kamlade, C. (2018).  Town Centre Park Renamed. The Other Press. June 8th.

Quoted in MacDonald, N. (2018). Otter’s reign of terror seen as an allegory for modern-day VancouverThe Globe & Mail, November 30.

Miewald, C. & McCann, E. (2017).  How drug use affects the diet of people living withAIDS: Summary of Results from the Food As Harm Reduction Study. Right to Food Zine, Fall. Vancouver BC: Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House, 6-7.

Edelson, N, Blomley, N, & McCann, E. (2016). Interview on Roundhouse Radio, Vancouver regarding the radical SFU geography history project.

McCann, E. (2014).  Voices against displacement: Eugene McCann’s speech to City Council.  The Mainlander, April 26.

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