Geog 261: Introduction to Urban Geography

Geog 362W: Geography of Urban Built Environments

Geog 442:  A World of Cities

Geog 404/405:  Directed Readings

  • I can supervise a limited number of these courses.  Contact me if interested.

Geog 491:  Honors Essay

  • I supervise Honours Essays, when appropriate. I am only able to supervise one in any one of my teaching semesters (usually Fall or Spring). In certain teaching semesters, I may not be able to supervise any.  I am able to supervise Honours Essays if:
    • You have completed at least one of my courses, prior to the semester in which you apply to the Honours program.
    • You received a grade of A- or higher in each of the courses you took with me.
    • Your topic and methods are aligned with my research interests and expertise.

Geog 640:  Selected Topics in Social and Urban Geography